FSSAI Registration in Chennai


FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India which is an organization that monitors and governs the food business in India. It is an autonomous body which is established under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India.

The FSSAI has been established under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 (FSS Act) which is a consolidating statute related to food safety and regulation in India. 

  1. FSSAI is an authority to provide a food license to every food business in India. 
  2. FSSAI makes sure that the food business runs with the appropriate license and a quality check to curtail the food adulteration and sale of sub-standard products.
  3. The food businesses are required to follow the FSSAI rules and guidelines. 
  4. FSSAI is entirely responsible for setting the standard and principles and controls for the welfare of food businesses in India.


For Basic Registration

Eligibility: If the annual turnover of a food business is below Rs. 12 lakh then basic registration of food licensing is required.

Passport Size Photo
Self Attested Copy of PAN Card & Aadhar Card
Proof of Place of Business: If Rental Property – Rental Agreement, If Own Property – Sale Deed

For State & Central License

State License Eligibility: If the annual turnover of the food business is more than Rs. 12 lakhs and less than Rs. 20 crores then one has to get state FSSAI License.

Central License Eligibility: If the annual turnover of the food business is more than Rs. 20 Crores then central FSSAI License is required.

Passport Photo
Address Proof
List Of Food Category
Photo Id Proof
BluePrint/ layout Plan
List of equipments
NOC From Municipality
Incorporation Certificate
List Of Directors /Partners
Water Test Report
Import Export Code

FSSAI License Validity

FSSAI License rules are hard and fast. FSSAI Licenses issued to food businesses are valid for a period of 1 to 5 years.  FSSAI registration fees vary as per tenure of the FSSAI License. Each food business operator needs to apply for FSSAI renewal 30 days before the expiry of the current food license.

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Our Service Plans

  • Registration (for Petty Food Business)
  • ₹ 1,200*
  • *Inclusive of Govt. Fees

    Annual turnover of fewer than Rs.12 lakhs
    Manufacture or sell food products (on own or via retailers, hawkers, itinerant vendors or temporary stall owners)
    Who distributes food regularly, publicly, for instance, at religious or social gatherings

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  • Central License (for Large Food Business)
  • ₹ 2,500*
  • *Plus Govt Fees Rs. 7,500

    Annual turnover exceeds the amount of 20 crores.
    All manufacturers of proprietary foods.
    Food processing units that have premises in Central Govt. Agency
    All Importers, 100% Export oriented units, large manufacturers, food operators in airports, seaports.

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Businesses that require FSSAI Registration/License

  • Food importers / Exporters
  • Hotels
  • Food Chains
  • Food Sellers and resellers

Businesses that require FSSAI Registration/License

  • Food Transporters
  • Restaurants
  • Retailers having Food Outlets
  • Food Canteens / Cafeteria

Businesses that require FSSAI Registration/License

  • Catering Services
  • Dairy Processing
  • Processed Foods
  • Packaged Food Manufacturers

Benefits of FSSAI Registration/ License

Using the FSSAI Logo

Once you have the registered, you can use the FSSAI logo in Food products and also in the marketing pamphlets in order to publicise your food’s superior quality over others. The FSSAI logo is seen as a mark of validity and also for assurance by the consumers. It helps you in developing a brand name.

Legal Advantages

FSSAI Certification will enhance the chance of legal enforcement and control over the department at a certain point and will encourage the establishment of several things in a particular area.


Easy Process

In reality, the process is not so cumbersome and there are a lot of consultancies that can help you get the license with ease. The actual cost which is required in order to obtain the license is less than what you will have to pay for it as the penalties if you are caught.

Trust of the Customers

An authentic communication is necessary to gain the customer’s trust. It will conduct better service and also keep the customers from unhealthy and adulterated food supply.

Government Funding and Loans

The FSSAI registration will offer the privileges of Government Funding and Loans that can be easily accessible for the business operators.