Payroll Processing Services in Chennai


Payroll is a list of employees who are working in an organisation. It refers to a series of accounting transactions involved in the process of paying employees for the services rendered after taking all the statutory and non-statutory deductions into account. It involves payment of payroll taxes, insurance premiums, employee benefits and other deductions too.

There are various places where organizations can make Payroll mistakes. This happens faster than we think like not paid accurately or delayed in Paying. These mistakes will ultimately affect the entire employee morale which in turn affect the business.

To avoid such mistakes the business entity should have an effective and efficient payroll process that ensures employees are paid accurately and consistently and gives the business owners a chance to focus on other aspects of their job.

The Smart Move Is Outsourcing

Savings in time and money, better data security are the main reasons to explore the benefits of Outsourcing today.


Salary Data:

  • Salary Structure 
  • Salary Eligibility for Benefits
  • Notice Period & Payment Settlement Terms
  • Revised Salary & Arrears

Leave & Attendance Data:

  • Attendance Policy & Attendance Data
  • Current Work & Shifting Timings
  • Leave Eligibility for Benefits
  • Leave Sanction status

Employee Data:

  • Employee Complete Data – (Existing & New Joined)
  • Income Tax Declaration
  • Submission of Expenses & Investment Proofs
  • Facilities & Deductions Availed

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Our Service Plans

  • One-Time Implementation Plan
  • ₹2500
  • One Time Configuration of pay head & employee details

    Advance Paymentof payhead & employee details

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Will be Recognised as a Supplier of Goods & Services legally


Increases credibility of the business on paying taxes and filing returns.


Helps in identifying your business by other registered people.


Legally authorized to collect tax & Claim Input Tax credit.

How Payroll Contributes Positive Culture?


Apart from financial obligations towards its employees, a business has to ensure that all payroll activities follow the tax obligations and stick to employment rules This is vital for building a strong employer brand

Accessibility of Records

We live in a digital world, where manual paperwork is useless & outdated. Businesses can benefit from accessing their current & previous records effortlessly which leads to better payroll & employee experiences

Boosts Employee Involvement

Receiving Salary accurately, on time & getting recognized for achievements makes the Employee to increase this engagement into business with Involvement & passion.

Progression from employees

Right way to recognize the employees achievements is to be paid with Incentives and allow them with frequent appreciation & benefits. This makes the employees progress better in their job.

Better use of Resources

Excess Staff in any department can be utilized in other departments & Proper time accountability of employees will happen simultaneously only when Better Payroll system is followed. This allows utilization of resources in enhanced way